Who, Me?

So you want to know about me huh?

I guess I can tell you.

The names Michelle Longpre, and making art stuff’s the game. I grew up in the vast mountains of British Columbia but migrated to Alberta for school and found myself stuck out on these plains ever since. As I type I am in the last stretch of my last year at ACAD, (Alberta College of Art and Design), and soon I will be an official college graduate with an official piece of paper saying so! Some people have used the word ‘nerd’ to describe me, and I wouldn’t disagree. Collecting comics, watching cartoons, and having all my walls covered with artwork and posters helps prove it once and for all. This also means I like to spend much of my time cooped up on my own drawing, rarely coming out except for the occasional meal or two.

I absolutely love to make things. Non-stop since I was a little wee thing I have been drawing but it’s only more recently that I have delved into the magical world of Photoshop and animation. I don’t have a favorite medium to work in, there are pros and cons to every one so I often will switch what I am working with to challenge myself. If I get my way, I will become an accomplished animator, making shorts and cartoons of the highest caliber to entertain and delight, and perhaps even making some comic books on the side.

So there you have it! A simple farmer turned into a city bumpkin who dreams of the day I can make a story than means something. Thank you for taking the time to read, that makes me feel all special and fuzzy.





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