Tim the Cup

Aww, this poor cup! First he was drained of all his delicious liquid only to then have part of him ripped off before he was thrown away! A sad, sad fate awaiting a many drink cups. This was a character walk that I made in school using the handy puppet animation feature on ToonBoom, similar to cut paper animation. All digital of course!


Animation Showreel

All done, I graduated!! *loud applause* So this here is a culmination of all the animation work I’ve done at ACAD as well as some of my own personal work. Most of it is done in ToonBoom, although some in this are done traditionally and others have Photoshop coloring over top. I am still in the process of moving and dealing with all sorts of grown-up stuff so if there are some videos you see in this showreel that aren’t up on my site, they will be!