All Sorts of Faces 6


Guess who was creeping hard at the mall again!

It was me.

It’s the near-perfect place to creep as long as you get a good vantage point where you can see far and wide, as well as preferably slightly higher than eye level so you don’t make that awkward eye-touch with someone. Some of these I just drew for fun, as well as cramming a couple of my own mini-heads in there.


Girl and Golem – Development and Roughs

girl and golem roughs wordpress

Awwwww dang this is probably one of the longest pics I’ve posted!

As of late I’ve been working on developing and getting some story ideas off the ground so I don’t have much for ‘finished’ work. What I DO have is buttloads of sketches and roughs trying to flesh out the multitude of little people running around in my head, so I figure I should share a bit of what I’m doing.

This pertains to the painting I posted before, the girl and the golem sitting on the lovely hill looking at the clouds. Their story involves a world with industrialized magic and more recently the creation of artificial life and the interesting effects it would have on such a world. I will keep working on it and soon (ha ha, ‘soon’) I will be able to start to make something with it! Probably comics cuz I love comics.


Animal Peeps – 2 – Toni, Walking Garborator


Some may recognize this guy, I have him pop up periodically in my sketchbook and other work. Considering he’s a big character in a planned comic/animation story I’ve been working on for years, even have made a couple test comics! No you can’t see them.

Toni, a metal worker in the city, is also hired to disappear people by eating them whole but hates fufilling the cliche profile of a predatory monster that the whole city has towards carnivores. He would stop if he could, but you know life, things are hardly under our own control.

Just some good old fashion pencil drawing here!


Animal Peeps – 1 – Ungulate on Over Here

hoofed animal heads


These are some studies for some lovely animal people that will most likely make an appearance in a story project of mine that’s been a long time in the making. All of these characters are of the ‘ungulate’ animals category, or hoofed as pretty much everybody else says since ‘ungulate’ is kind of a weird word.

Basic idea is that rather than humans, many many other species involved to have advanced intelligence, and now all the animals, cold blooded, warm blooded, carnivore and herbivore are attempting to live together, though we all know that that wouldn’t be too easy. Especially considering all the trouble us humans have getting along when something as trivial as a different shade of skin color is enough for us to start wars. I was looking to have fun with all the different types of faces you find with hoofed animals, as well as their crazy ass huge/interesting/pointy horns.

Here I have only drawn lovely hoof bearing people, but I have plans to draw some more characters as I keep developing the world. Will you see the comic/animation one day? I sure hope so.


Silhouettes are Fun

monster and girl

Here is a page from my little 5.5×3.5 sketchbook on a day that I was feeling a little down. When I feel down my work ususally gets a wee bit dark, a healthy outlet for bad feelings I think. The monster reflection is one of my favorites, something nice about the contrast between a delicate little girl and a big ol’ mean looking creature. As for the assassin with the murdered clown bag, not sure where that came from but I like it!

These are done with markers, both sharpies and prismacolor. Oh prismacolor, I would marry you if I could….


Real Life Studies – 1

life studies pen

Life studies, oh boy! Drawing from life is something that every artist should do regularly, its one of the best ways to increase your skills and understanding of drawing as it makes you pay attention to the worlds details. With that said, maaaaaan is it difficult sometimes! It’s like exercise, it’s hard to start and might not be very fun, but once you’re doing it you feel better and the end result is always worth it.

This is *pretty* much all black ballpoint pen, though two of these drawings have some pencil shading in them.


Stuff for Stuff – 1

stuff for stuff 01

Some, ah, not so kid friendly drawings that my sister had requested. I’m not one to turn down a challenge, even if it is peculiar. Mostly hilarious though. I swear that she is funnier than me most of the time, I’m  the  one who can draw the crazy stuff.

All done with some liiiight pencil then with itty bitty ink pen and greyscale markers. Currently my favorite drawing method!