A ‘Thank You’ Picture


Soooo I was a silly billy and overworked myself last year, resulting in two injuries that I’m still recovering from, one my arm and other my foot/shin. Being so young and having somewhat crippled myself made me put things in perspective and take much better care of myself and my body. Thats where Paria comes in! (Hope I spelt that right)

She has been my physiotherapist for the last few month and with her magic hands and elbows, my injuries are waaaaay, waaaaay better, my arm nearly healed and my leg on it’s way. Healing and treatment aren’t always pleasant, but pain in the name of progress makes it worth it. It may be her job but giving me back my health is one of the most precious gifts that I could ever receive, so THANK YOU!


Girl and Golem – Development and Roughs

girl and golem roughs wordpress

Awwwww dang this is probably one of the longest pics I’ve posted!

As of late I’ve been working on developing and getting some story ideas off the ground so I don’t have much for ‘finished’ work. What I DO have is buttloads of sketches and roughs trying to flesh out the multitude of little people running around in my head, so I figure I should share a bit of what I’m doing.

This pertains to the painting I posted before, the girl and the golem sitting on the lovely hill looking at the clouds. Their story involves a world with industrialized magic and more recently the creation of artificial life and the interesting effects it would have on such a world. I will keep working on it and soon (ha ha, ‘soon’) I will be able to start to make something with it! Probably comics cuz I love comics.


Girl and Golem – Progress Pic

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 1.00.01 AM

Yeaaaaah it’s not finished but I wanted to show it off anyway!

This is a screenshot from my lovely Photoshop screen, it has my rough painting coming along as well as a few color and mood reference pictures beside. The idea is inspired by a daydream that I’ve been slowly constructing over the last year, bits and pieces of the story coming along every time I go back to it. Will I share it once it’s come to fruition? Why of course!


Animal Peeps – 2 – Toni, Walking Garborator


Some may recognize this guy, I have him pop up periodically in my sketchbook and other work. Considering he’s a big character in a planned comic/animation story I’ve been working on for years, even have made a couple test comics! No you can’t see them.

Toni, a metal worker in the city, is also hired to disappear people by eating them whole but hates fufilling the cliche profile of a predatory monster that the whole city has towards carnivores. He would stop if he could, but you know life, things are hardly under our own control.

Just some good old fashion pencil drawing here!


Animal Peeps – 1 – Ungulate on Over Here

hoofed animal heads


These are some studies for some lovely animal people that will most likely make an appearance in a story project of mine that’s been a long time in the making. All of these characters are of the ‘ungulate’ animals category, or hoofed as pretty much everybody else says since ‘ungulate’ is kind of a weird word.

Basic idea is that rather than humans, many many other species involved to have advanced intelligence, and now all the animals, cold blooded, warm blooded, carnivore and herbivore are attempting to live together, though we all know that that wouldn’t be too easy. Especially considering all the trouble us humans have getting along when something as trivial as a different shade of skin color is enough for us to start wars. I was looking to have fun with all the different types of faces you find with hoofed animals, as well as their crazy ass huge/interesting/pointy horns.

Here I have only drawn lovely hoof bearing people, but I have plans to draw some more characters as I keep developing the world. Will you see the comic/animation one day? I sure hope so.


Oryx and Crake, Portrait of an Antagonist

Antagonist Crake Final

I realized after drawing this for a while that this fellow looks like Harry Potter. However this man, Crake, is from a far darker story with a far darker destiny. This was for a school project, a portrait of a protagonist and an antagonist, this man being the latter. The book is Oryx and Crake and is a world wiped free of nearly all humans with the past being slowly recollected through the mad thoughts of a stranded man. Crake is the dark and hidden evil with a calm and cold face, a hyper intelligent man with his own plan for the future of humanity.

This is one of my favorite books as it has such a strong imagery and story, it  even stayed in my head for weeks afterwards, recommended for all adults!


My Book of Artstuff, Portfolio Book

The cumilation of my years at ACAD and my own personal work over the last four years, here is my portfolio book! Here I have put up each spread for your viewing pleasure. I have also put up the PDF of my book under this text here if you prefer to browse that way, although it is one page at a time. If you would like to download it feel free, be sure not to claim its yours or anything sleazy like that.

Michelle Longpre Portfolio Book