Girl and Golem – Progress Pic

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 1.00.01 AM

Yeaaaaah it’s not finished but I wanted to show it off anyway!

This is a screenshot from my lovely Photoshop screen, it has my rough painting coming along as well as a few color and mood reference pictures beside. The idea is inspired by a daydream that I’ve been slowly constructing over the last year, bits and pieces of the story coming along every time I go back to it. Will I share it once it’s come to fruition? Why of course!


Minion-Made Birthday Present

minions colored h


I figure these guys wanted to surprise the girls with a real-life unicorn but this horse isn’t having any of it.

So this was originally drawn for a letter being sent aaaaaaall the way to Germany to a lovely girl there who was an exchange student with my family for a time. I liked it so much I decided to color it, and oh man it is awesome! Pencils were done traditionally, colored in Photoshop.

And, of course, I didn’t come up with Minions (I wish I did) and they belong tooooooo some big company that I can’t remember. DON’T SUE ME


Potato Spelunking, the Comic


A short comic from me to you! This was a fun little thing to make, 5 pages long and whipped up in 2 weeks during school as an extra project. Special thanks to Malcolm Sutherland, he provided the inspiration for it. It kinda/sorta had offensive language, but no f-bombs or anything.

‘Potato Spleunking’ is about a grumpy character named Potato Sak who has had his beloved taters stolen and now scours all of the Vine world for them with help from his ever-chipper fox companion, Pete. In this particular time in his journey, they are crawling deep down through the root tunnels on a rumor and find something they weren’t expecting.

I did the initial drawing and rough sketches traditionally then colored and added text digitally, and if you’d like I made a fancy PDF for you, feel free to download for yourself! Make sure not to steal credit for it or anything, that is a very uncool thing to do.

Potato Spelunking Comic

P.S. If the quality is crummy let me know, I can fix that I’m sure!