Girl and Golem – Progress Pic

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 1.00.01 AM

Yeaaaaah it’s not finished but I wanted to show it off anyway!

This is a screenshot from my lovely Photoshop screen, it has my rough painting coming along as well as a few color and mood reference pictures beside. The idea is inspired by a daydream that I’ve been slowly constructing over the last year, bits and pieces of the story coming along every time I go back to it. Will I share it once it’s come to fruition? Why of course!


Real Life Studies – 1

life studies pen

Life studies, oh boy! Drawing from life is something that every artist should do regularly, its one of the best ways to increase your skills and understanding of drawing as it makes you pay attention to the worlds details. With that said, maaaaaan is it difficult sometimes! It’s like exercise, it’s hard to start and might not be very fun, but once you’re doing it you feel better and the end result is always worth it.

This is *pretty* much all black ballpoint pen, though two of these drawings have some pencil shading in them.


Concrete on the Mountain Top

concrete mountaintop final

Higher on the mountain than any person had ever been, Concrete sits bare with nothing but a special pen and paper, pausing in his writing to look out far, far into the distance.

For those who aren’t familiar with Concrete, he’s Paul Chadwicks creation and one of the finest comic series found today! A man who had his mind transplanted into a near-invulnerable rock-like alien is now forced to live out everyday with his foreign body, though it does have its advantages. Many of the comics follow him traveling the world as an invulnerable writer and takes on challenges that no human could, such as swimming the Atlantic Ocean. The drawing is incredible and I highly recommend it to anyone with good taste.

All done with digital, and I will say it again, CONCRETE IS NOT MY CREATION, I WISH HE WAS BUT HE ISN’T.

Groot and Deforestation

A gallery, thats new! These are some digital paintings I did for a school project involving the famous character Groot from Marvel. Groot and WWF team up to address the problem of deforestation, and in these three you can watch the process of a beautiful forest being all chopped up by us nasty humans. I think it is obvious but I will say it here, GROOT IS NOT MY CREATION, GROOT IS PROPERTY OF MARVEL SO DON’T SUE ME.



Lost in the Jungle, Year 7

Final Jungle brats

The idea was akin to Lord of the Flies, so a group of children becoming stranded in a jungle and left to fend for themselves. Years have passed (and they haven’t murdered each other) so their clothes are now patches, they have some of their own hand made tools, and items from the past such as teddy bears, whistles, or necklaces, are now precious items and held close. Though they have adjusted to their new home, they still wonder if they’ll ever get back to their old home, the one that’s fading out of their memories.