Silhouettes are Fun

monster and girl

Here is a page from my little 5.5×3.5 sketchbook on a day that I was feeling a little down. When I feel down my work ususally gets a wee bit dark, a healthy outlet for bad feelings I think. The monster reflection is one of my favorites, something nice about the contrast between a delicate little girl and a big ol’ mean looking creature. As for the assassin with the murdered clown bag, not sure where that came from but I like it!

These are done with markers, both sharpies and prismacolor. Oh prismacolor, I would marry you if I could….


Stuff for Stuff – 1

stuff for stuff 01

Some, ah, not so kid friendly drawings that my sister had requested. I’m not one to turn down a challenge, even if it is peculiar. Mostly hilarious though. I swear that she is funnier than me most of the time, I’m  the  one who can draw the crazy stuff.

All done with some liiiight pencil then with itty bitty ink pen and greyscale markers. Currently my favorite drawing method!


Minion-Made Birthday Present

minions colored h


I figure these guys wanted to surprise the girls with a real-life unicorn but this horse isn’t having any of it.

So this was originally drawn for a letter being sent aaaaaaall the way to Germany to a lovely girl there who was an exchange student with my family for a time. I liked it so much I decided to color it, and oh man it is awesome! Pencils were done traditionally, colored in Photoshop.

And, of course, I didn’t come up with Minions (I wish I did) and they belong tooooooo some big company that I can’t remember. DON’T SUE ME


Oryx and Crake, Portrait of an Antagonist

Antagonist Crake Final

I realized after drawing this for a while that this fellow looks like Harry Potter. However this man, Crake, is from a far darker story with a far darker destiny. This was for a school project, a portrait of a protagonist and an antagonist, this man being the latter. The book is Oryx and Crake and is a world wiped free of nearly all humans with the past being slowly recollected through the mad thoughts of a stranded man. Crake is the dark and hidden evil with a calm and cold face, a hyper intelligent man with his own plan for the future of humanity.

This is one of my favorite books as it has such a strong imagery and story, it  even stayed in my head for weeks afterwards, recommended for all adults!

Groot and Deforestation

A gallery, thats new! These are some digital paintings I did for a school project involving the famous character Groot from Marvel. Groot and WWF team up to address the problem of deforestation, and in these three you can watch the process of a beautiful forest being all chopped up by us nasty humans. I think it is obvious but I will say it here, GROOT IS NOT MY CREATION, GROOT IS PROPERTY OF MARVEL SO DON’T SUE ME.