Girl and Golem – Development and Roughs

girl and golem roughs wordpress

Awwwww dang this is probably one of the longest pics I’ve posted!

As of late I’ve been working on developing and getting some story ideas off the ground so I don’t have much for ‘finished’ work. What I DO have is buttloads of sketches and roughs trying to flesh out the multitude of little people running around in my head, so I figure I should share a bit of what I’m doing.

This pertains to the painting I posted before, the girl and the golem sitting on the lovely hill looking at the clouds. Their story involves a world with industrialized magic and more recently the creation of artificial life and the interesting effects it would have on such a world. I will keep working on it and soon (ha ha, ‘soon’) I will be able to start to make something with it! Probably comics cuz I love comics.


Animal Peeps – 2 – Toni, Walking Garborator


Some may recognize this guy, I have him pop up periodically in my sketchbook and other work. Considering he’s a big character in a planned comic/animation story I’ve been working on for years, even have made a couple test comics! No you can’t see them.

Toni, a metal worker in the city, is also hired to disappear people by eating them whole but hates fufilling the cliche profile of a predatory monster that the whole city has towards carnivores. He would stop if he could, but you know life, things are hardly under our own control.

Just some good old fashion pencil drawing here!