Inktober – Day Three

Inktober Day 03

Now I had a bit more time to work on these ones than before soooo I had some fun with a brush tip.

A random lineup of noseless little blob people such as lady knight, construction worker kid, snake man, and an unimpressed little me!



A ‘Thank You’ Picture


Soooo I was a silly billy and overworked myself last year, resulting in two injuries that I’m still recovering from, one my arm and other my foot/shin. Being so young and having somewhat crippled myself made me put things in perspective and take much better care of myself and my body. Thats where Paria comes in! (Hope I spelt that right)

She has been my physiotherapist for the last few month and with her magic hands and elbows, my injuries are waaaaay, waaaaay better, my arm nearly healed and my leg on it’s way. Healing and treatment aren’t always pleasant, but pain in the name of progress makes it worth it. It may be her job but giving me back my health is one of the most precious gifts that I could ever receive, so THANK YOU!


Girl and Golem – Progress Pic

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 1.00.01 AM

Yeaaaaah it’s not finished but I wanted to show it off anyway!

This is a screenshot from my lovely Photoshop screen, it has my rough painting coming along as well as a few color and mood reference pictures beside. The idea is inspired by a daydream that I’ve been slowly constructing over the last year, bits and pieces of the story coming along every time I go back to it. Will I share it once it’s come to fruition? Why of course!


Concrete on the Mountain Top

concrete mountaintop final

Higher on the mountain than any person had ever been, Concrete sits bare with nothing but a special pen and paper, pausing in his writing to look out far, far into the distance.

For those who aren’t familiar with Concrete, he’s Paul Chadwicks creation and one of the finest comic series found today! A man who had his mind transplanted into a near-invulnerable rock-like alien is now forced to live out everyday with his foreign body, though it does have its advantages. Many of the comics follow him traveling the world as an invulnerable writer and takes on challenges that no human could, such as swimming the Atlantic Ocean. The drawing is incredible and I highly recommend it to anyone with good taste.

All done with digital, and I will say it again, CONCRETE IS NOT MY CREATION, I WISH HE WAS BUT HE ISN’T.


Stuff for Stuff – 1

stuff for stuff 01

Some, ah, not so kid friendly drawings that my sister had requested. I’m not one to turn down a challenge, even if it is peculiar. Mostly hilarious though. I swear that she is funnier than me most of the time, I’m  the  one who can draw the crazy stuff.

All done with some liiiight pencil then with itty bitty ink pen and greyscale markers. Currently my favorite drawing method!